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Amazon Web Services (AWS) EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) Service Delivery Program
AWS Practice - AWS EKS Service Delivery

Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) is a fully managed container orchestration service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It enables customers to easily deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications using Kubernetes on AWS.

With Amazon EKS, customers can run their Kubernetes applications on a highly available, secure, and scalable platform without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. Amazon EKS is integrated with other AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, AWS IAM, Amazon EBS, and Amazon S3, making it easy to create and manage clusters that can run applications across multiple availability zones and regions.

Amazon EKS supports both public and private clusters, and it provides features such as automatic scaling, self-healing, and rolling updates to make it easy for customers to manage their Kubernetes applications at scale.


Cluster Autoscaler

The Cluster Autoscaler automatically adjusts the number of nodes in a cluster based on the demands of the workload, helping to ensure that the cluster is always properly sized.

Managed Node Groups

Managed Node Groups simplify the management of EC2 instances that are part of an EKS cluster. They automate the process of creating, updating, and scaling the underlying infrastructure to help ensure that the cluster is always available and performant.

AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine for containers that lets customers run Kubernetes pods without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. With AWS Fargate, customers can focus on their application code and leave the management of the underlying infrastructure to AWS.

AWS App Mesh

AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that provides traffic management and observability features for microservices running on Kubernetes. It enables customers to easily manage and monitor their applications, and to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Kubernetes Dashboard

Amazon EKS provides a Kubernetes Dashboard that enables customers to view and manage their Kubernetes clusters and applications using a web-based interface.

PrivateLink enables customers to access EKS APIs and services from their Amazon VPC without having to go over the public internet, helping to improve security and reduce latency.

Case Studies - AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

AWS EKS helps Diglossia to provide scalable testing services to hundreds of thousands of students.

Launched in 2014, Diglossia is a global language company dedicated to changing lives by fostering language development and literacy throughout the world. Diglossia's suite of language assessments provide valid and reliable data to make informed decisions when evaluating language program effectiveness, adopting new curricula, and targeting professional development needs.

Diglossia uses Amazon EKS to provide a extremely scalable platform for student language literacy testing across the Middle East and Africa and in select countries globally. Peak loads of more that 100,000 students testing simulatenously occur frequently, and the platform is so scalable and resilient that there has not been any downtimes or impact in performance reported. EKS, along with AppMesh, AutoScalers, Grafana dashboarding, PagerDuty integrations and other native AWS solutions help Diglossia offer testing solutions. Usage of namespaces ensure no overlaps between different customers happen at any time, and provisioning, deployment and lifecycle management is completely via Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform.

Please email us at or call +971 4 3364 840 for a consultation.

Border Control Company uses AWS EKS to provide extremely high security solutions

This company creates, deploys and manages state-of-the-art face recognition technology and turn-key solutions for ensuring security clearence of of people through multiple border points and the movement of passengers through airports, land crossings, sea ports and other ingress and egress points, protecting security to the nation and its infrastructure and assisting law enforcement keep track and identify suspicious assets and movements.

Please email us at or call +971 4 3364 840 for a consultation.

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